Jessica Stein (kissnjsscastein) wrote in di_no_myte,
Jessica Stein

It's Raining Men

Your Name: Jessica Stein
Your Age: 17
Your Sexuality: Straight
Single?: nope.

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Your Favorite Song: Cute from the teacm (Cute with out the e) TBS
10 or More Good Bands of Your Choice: Right Now: Circa Survive.On Broken Wings.Everygreen Terrace.The Higher.The Get Up Kids.Donnybrook.From First to last.Mike Jones.The Game.The Number 12 Looks Like You.
5 Good TV Shows: SEx in the city, The OC, Recess, One Tree Hill, Law and Order
3 Books: perks of a wallflower, Five people u meet in heaven, Finding Cassie Crazy
The hottest member (why): can't say theres only one member, even though shes gorgeous
The ugliest member (why): only one member

What is your pet peeve? loud obnoxious girls.
3 Things You Hate: liars, rap music, and boys who hurt girls
Favorit item in your room: my bed
Make us laugh histerically:
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How many rating communities are you currently in? none.

Self-Mutilation and/or SI in general I think its stupid and its not the answer, i think that your life could always get worse and i understand that some people don't have great friends like mine where they can talk about thier issues, but thier so many ways to get things out, hurting yourself is not the answer.
George Bush
Drugs and Alcohol Drugs and stupid, alcohol has no point to it. the end.
Mary-Kate I love the olsen twins they are gorgeous and i am jealous of thier clothes. the fact that there is so much pressure in society to be skinny but when it happens to one of americas sweethearts it dawns on you that it can happen to anyone. its pretty damn sad.

♥WHY SHOULD WE ACCEPT YOU?♥ Because im cool? haha
♥HOW ARE YOU GOING TO BE A GOOD ADDITION TO THIS COMMUNITY?♥ photo whore plus id like some new friends.

♥WHAT DO YOU THINK OF THE MODS?♥ they seem cool and are absolutely gorgeous

5-10 Good Pictures Of You. [good quality pictures]

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Promote at Least at 2 Different Place and Give us The URL

Now pick a picture of yourself that you want on the members page.

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